Correct glyphs for Malayalam letters, ttta and nnna
(from A. R. Rajaraja Varma, Kerala Paniniyam):

This note is about Malayalam letter alveolar t (U+0D3A). A. R. Rajarajavarma placed the Grantha letter TTA for Malayalam letter TTTA as can be seen from:

I notice that the glyph shape for Malayalam Letter TTTA is wrong in document N3494

This error in N3494 is due to Thomas Pedersen's PDF showing wrong glyph for Malayalam letter TTTA in page 2 of
In the U+0D3A spot, Tamil letter TTI (டி) is given as the glyph which is NOT correct.

The correct shape of TTTA at U+0D3A is given in Rajaraja Varma, A. R. 1917. Keralapanineeyam. Reprinted 2003. Kottayam: DC Books.

Please use this correct shape for U+0D3A, as can be checked in the paragraph in the book by A. R. Rajarajavarma, on page 2 of N3494.

Malayalam NNNA and TTTA in Unicode code chart is years away. Please correct the glyph of TTTA (U+0D3A) to what is shown here.

N. Ganesan